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Thousands of workers in a wide range of occupations have taken the important first step to improving their working conditions and strengthening their collective voice by joining our union.


Part 1: "A Day In The Life"

Part 2: The Union Advantage"

For several years, the BCGEU has organized more workers than any other B.C. union.

It's no wonder people want to join our union. The BCGEU is known throughout B.C. and Canada as a strong defender of workers' rights. We have led the way in addressing important issues facing working people. Issues like workplace health and safety, wage equity, health and welfare benefits, and job security. We were the first union to negotiate protection from video display terminals for pregnant workers. Other unions have looked to our collective agreements for strong provisions to stop sexual and other forms of harassment in the workplace.

We have the experience, resources and staff necessary to ensure our members get the respect and fairness they deserve. That's our commitment. That's what we're all about.

Want to join our union?

Call (604) 882-0111 or Toll Free 1-800-667-1103 and ask to speak to an organizer.

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