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Collective bargaining works, but it takes two to tango.

Both parties have to be willing and able to make a deal.  That’s a key lesson from the teachers' tentative deal.

Sometimes, the parties need to be pushed; pressure needs to be applied.

Teachers and their students deserve a fair deal that meets the needs of young people in BC and recognizes the important contribution that our educators make to this province.

I think back to 1911, when the B.C. government passed the first Park Act, creating Strathcona Park on Vancouver Island, and I wonder what the premier of the day, Richard McBride, would think about Bill 4, the Park Amendment Act?

In the past few weeks since convention I’ve had the opportunity to meet with BCGEU members, staff and community leaders, to continue building on the social and professional relationships established by past presidents.

There are two ways to measure our wealth.

One way is by counting the money we have in our own pocket. That’s completely legitimate. Everyone feels better when they have some cash in their pocket or bank account.

It was an honour to be elected as the first woman president of the BCGEU.

This is week number one.

Last weekend more than 400 delegates elected a new executive team to lead the BCGEU for the next three years. The team will be led by Stephanie Smith who becomes our union’s first woman president.

What an exciting time for our union.

Today, May 15, is Child Care Provider Appreciation Day in BC, a day to recognize and acknowledge the invaluable contributions child care providers make, and to thank them for delivering exceptional services and care for BC’s most important people: our children.