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BC has a childcare crisis - Families can't afford childcare 

Paying for childcare in BC is like having a second mortgage. Often, it's not worth going back to work. There is a solution: a community plan to cap childcare fees and improve early childhood education. It's time to invest in our kids.


BC government budget cuts have forced the closure of 5 more legal aid offices, following cuts in 2009 and a 40 per cent cut in 2002. Help fight to restore legal aid services.

The BCGEU works closely with the environmental community to reduce our carbon footprint and to promote environmental protection. Check our latest initiatives.

The BCGEU recognizes and supports treaty negotiations and the right of self-government and self-determination for First Nations. Click to learn more.

All Canadians have the right to be treated fairly, without discrimination based on our gender, sex, disability, race, religion, or age. Check our Human Rights page.

The BCGEU's International Solidarity Committee works to raise awareness about social justice issues around the world. Learn more about current projects.

Women make up 67 percent of the BCGEU membership -- most work directly in government, health care and community social servicess. Visit our Women's Issues page.

United Nations statistics say that about one-half the world's population are youth, with unemployment rates reaching epidemic proportions. Check our Young Workers page.

NUPGE "All Together Now" Quality Public Services and Fair Taxation campaign.

Learn more about how your ideas end up in your collective agreement.




Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley Regional District unanimously endorsed extending AirCare until 2020. Ontario and Washington State have extended their emissions testing programs until 2019 – what is different about B.C.?

The BCGEU takes the issue of workplace bullying very seriously. We continue to put mechanisms in place to address the problem. We’re strong advocates of respect in the workplace.