Save AirCare

Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley Regional District unanimously endorsed extending AirCare to 2020


Ontario and Washington State have extended their emissions testing programs until 2019


What is different about B.C.?


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"Renewing Our Committment to Clean Air"

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AirCare helps everyone breathe easier

  • AirCare provides measurable benefits to public health, especially for young children, seniors, and people with respiratory problems, and reduces the risk of cancer, respiratory diseases and premature births.
  • Light-duty vehicles are the largest source of smog-forming pollutants and greatest contributor to ground-level ozone—which has significantly increased since 2006.
  • Ground-level ozone is a leading cause of respiratory problems among children and the elderly.
  • Prematurely scrapping light-vehicle testing will negatively affect air quality and the environment, and increase healthcare costs by at least $30 million a year.


The job’s not done yet—ending AirCare will result in more pollution

  • Approximately 12% of vehicles fail AirCare each year. Most owners get their vehicles maintained or repaired before taking the test— but many would not repair their vehicles if AirCare testing was not required.
  • New vehicles have better emissions controls than they used to, but all cars eventually break down with age and mileage, and when they do, they can produce harmful emissions. AirCare is the program that detects those malfunctioning vehicles and compels their owners to make the necessary repairs.
  • Ending AirCare will result in significant 'backsliding' in emissions improvements as an estimated 100,000 excessively-emitting vehicles end up on the road in 2015.


The decision to scrap light-duty vehicle testing makes no sense

  • AirCare is the most cost-effective way of reducing harmful vehicle emissions and removing pollutants from the atmosphere—responsible for a 28% reduction in vehicle emissions since 1992.
  • Without AirCare, government has no way to ensure that the 500,000 2005 or older vehicles that AirCare tests every year will be properly maintained.
  • The government cancelled the program without any opportunity for public consultation or evidence offered that would justify cancelling this highly effective program.


Ending AirCare will cost our economy millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs.

  • AirCare creates $56 million a year for BC’s economy from AirCare-related repairs and new vehicle sales.
  • 150 AirCare workers perform “green jobs” and are proud of their part in reducing our environmental footprint. 

Click here to tell Premier Christy Clark and Environment Minister Terry Lake that you oppose scrapping AirCare

Decision to end AirCare by 2014 short-sighted, means more pollution and less jobs

The decision to scrap AirCare emissions testing for passenger vehicles in 2014 is short sighted, and will mean more pollution, more health problems and a loss of jobs in Metro Vancouver the B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU) said today. Read more »