It's not easy being a young worker today.

United Nations statistics say that about one-half of the world's population are youth, and unemployment rates among young people are of epidemic proportions.

The economic shift from an industrial economy to the technology-based information economy has a profound effect on all workers, but most directly on those new entrants to the labour force who lack the skills and training to acquire stable, well-paid employment.

Young workers face job ghettos as exploitive as those in any industrialized country.

In short, it's young workers who are getting screwed.

Consider these statistics, then and now:

  • Today, 58% of 16 year old Canadians are jobless compared to 26% in 1989.
  • Young workers in 1992 earned 30% less in real terms than did young people in 1981.
  • In 1994, 58% of single men and 71% of single women under 25 lived below the poverty line.
  • Most homeless youth are unemployed. An estimated 30% have legitimate jobs, and the rest turn to panhandling and the drug and sex trades.
  • Youth unemployment hovers at 20% -- and many young people without jobs have given up looking for work, and are not counted as unemployed.

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BCGEU Young Workers Provincial Executive


Young Workers Provincial Executive Contact Information

Names & Component Area e-mail address Phone
Leah Friesen
Component 17
10 250-793-9962
Chelsea Vaneck
Component 3
Jeff Wolgram
Component 10

Meghan Marchand
Component 4
Matt Chayba
Component 7
12 250-641-2927
Kris Garneau
Component 20
12 250-692-2296 (w)
250-692-7372 (h)
Cameron Gerard
Component 3
04 604-725-9294
Davy Dosanjh
Component 3
Echo Bellerose
Component 6
05 250-819-7818
Paul Finch
Vice President  
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