Choose Children: A case for reinvesting in child, youth and family services in British Columbia

Choose Children: A case for Reinvesting in Child, Youth and Family Services in British Columbia

BC’s child welfare system is falling apart: Frontline workers can’t always get those who most urgently need help.  They are buried under massive caseloads, severe staffing shortages and a complete lack of resources. The situation is endemic, and putting vulnerable children, youth and families at risk.

The Choose Children report gives voice to the workers on the front lines of B.C.’s child, youth, and family services and draws a comprehensive picture of the systemic failures in the province’s child welfare system.

Front line workers identify five significant problem areas in the delivery of frontline services and supports that relate to the failure to prioritize funding, excessive caseloads, poor staffing practices and ICM, among others.

BCGEU surveyed over 3,400  frontline workers from MCFD, MSDSI, and community-based social service agencies to produce this report. Response rates peaked at over 50% due to the scale of the problems. BCGEU also met with over 400 workers directly in 14 different communities.  The report summarizes what workers had to say, and includes powerful quotes from the workers themselves.

Publication date: November 2014