NEW - March 31, 2014  Enhanced Disability Management Program for Community Health Workers in all Health Authorities

As a Component 8 Community Health Services member, you are covered by the Community Health Sub-Sector Collective Agreement.

BCGEU is structured to have 12 regions divided amongst 12 Components.

Community Health recently became their own component in the beginning of 2011 and we represent over 8000 members across BC.  This includes members employed in the Health Authorities, Home Support Agencies, non-direct government and others in the private sector.

Who are we:

Workers in this sector work in three main areas:

  1. About half of the sector are Community Health Workers.  These are care givers who travel throughout our communities to provide essential care including medical and support services.  This allows many of our most vulnerable seniors the choice to remain in their own home. They also assist other who are unable to care for themselves.
  1. Some workers in this sector provide services to those who suffer from mental health and addiction issues.
  1. Others work out of community based facilities providing administrative health services and other medical services such as arranging immunization clinics and preserving the integrity of vaccines. 

VIDEO - Community Health Worker Panel from the Home Support Summit:

Every year BCGEU conducts M2M (Member to Member) Campaigns – keeping connected with members, sharing information, educating members about the union, answering questions, concerns and also putting a face to a name. Do you know who your union representatives are? 

OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) – BCGEU is looking for members who are interested in being appointed or re-appointed to OH&S Committees.  Do you know who sits on your worksite’s OH&S committee?

Component 8 Local Activity – What does this mean? How can you learn more and be more involved with the union?  Join the Local Executive; participate in local meetings and community events.

Are you interested in becoming a shop steward or worksite contact? Contact your local chairperson for more info.

If your Employer is not treating you fairly, under the agreement you have a right to union representation. Contact your steward for more information or call BCGEU Direct at 1-888-991-6062.

Read the latest issue of Health Matters, the newsletter for BCGEU members working in health care:

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