Our members in Component 12 provide administrative and support services in the direct government, a number of authorities in the broader public sector and for private employers under contract to provide government services.


Component 12 workload project  (new for 2014)

Component 12 is undertaking a project to examine workload issues at our worksites around the province. The project's start coincides with Administrative Services Recognition Day on April 23, 2014. We'll be visiting worksites to raise awareness about the project and to encourage members to participate in a research survey. 

  • The survey is now available. Please click here to complete it.
  • RealPayDay.ca: What day do you really start getting paid after all your unpaid overtime is taken into account?

The long-time chair of the BCGEUs Administrative Services Component (12), Sandi McLean, has decided to retire from her role as chairperson of the component. Were sad Sandis leaving, but delighted shell now have more time to pursue her other passions.

Sandi has been active in the BCGEU for many years. Time and time again, she proved herself to be a great leader, role model, union sister and cherished friend. In addition to her work as a component and local chair, Sandi has served as president of Victoria Labour Council. She has been active on the BCGEUs International Solidarity and Womens Committees. As well, Sandi has been active in the BCNDP.

Of her greatest achievements moving forward the important issues of representation by population and equity and diversity throughout the BCGEU have been the most notable. We applaud Sandi for her many great works as an activist and thank her for time and commitment to the BCGEU and working people.

Wish her well and many happy years ahead of successful scrapbooking. 

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