BCGEU members employed by local governments, hotels, theatres, credit unions, B.C. Place, B.C. Housing Management, retail outlets, casinos, labs and call centres.

Pink Shirt Day in B.C. is February 26, 2014 
See photos of our BC Place anti-bullying education event

Pink Shirt Day is an annual event meant to remind us about the misery caused by bullying.

The “pink” campaign began in Nova Scotia in 2007 when two high school students learned a fellow student had been threatened for wearing a pink polo shirt.

To support their friend, the teens bought 50 pink shirts and tank tops and urged others to wear them in support of anti-bullying.

When the bullied student walked into school, he saw his fellow students dressed in pink. It was a powerful, supportive moment. When a large of group of people stand up against bullies in support of the victim, bullies lose all their power.

The action became known as the “sea of pink” campaign. Schools and workplaces across Canada have since adopted the campaign.

The "Sea Of Pink" campaign garnered significant media attention, and has been emulated widely since.


Workplace bullying fact sheet (pdf for you to download)

The BCGEU takes the issue of bullying very seriously. We’ve put mechanisms in place to address the problem. We’re strong advocates of respect in the workplace.

We’ve taken the issue to the bargaining table and have negotiated an MOU (#13) with the B.C. Government. The MOU is entitled Bullying in the Workplace and contained in our 15th Master Agreement. 

We also negotiated anti-bullying language on our recent collective agreement for component 17 members at BC Place (PAVCO).

The BCGEU also lead educational campaigns and holds workshops to educate members about workplace bullying.



Component 17's Anti-Bullying Campaign

In 2011, component 17 decided it wanted to raise public and BCGEU member awareness by launching its own Sea Of Pink campaign. It designed and distributed pink scarfs (see left), stickers and pocket-sized information cards to educate members on ways to stand up against workplace bullying. 

The campaign continues.