Component 1 - Corrections & Sheriff Services

The Corrections and Sheriff Services Component includes members who work as Deputy Sheriffs in B.C. Sheriff Services and as Correctional Officers at provincial prisons throughout British Columbia. 

Bargaining Updates

Nov 17, 2015

The Public Service Agency has calculated the Economic Stability Dividend (ESD) for 2016. The BCGEU has also confirmed these calculations.

Apr 8, 2014

A reminder to all members who receive reimbursement for professional fees per Clause 27.26 of the 17th Master agreement.


Component News

Oct 20, 2016

A report released today by the Representative for Children and Youth (RCY), Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, has once again exposed the lack of services available to young people struggling with mental he

Oct 19, 2016

Learn more about:

•    Common Grievances and Arbitration Decisions
•    STIIP and LTD
•    The Duty to Accommodate Injured Workers

Sep 21, 2016


Media Coverage

Oct 20, 2016

A shortage of deputy sheriffs at the Kamloops Law Courts is placing judges, lawyers and accused criminals at risk, according to the spokesman

Aug 24, 2016

The availability of illicit drugs in B.C.

Aug 9, 2016

Listen to BCGEU Treasurer Paul Finch discuss violence and staffing at B.C. prisons on the Kash Heed Show - August 9, 2016


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