LPNs in BCGEU: Stronger together

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Government review of Licensed Practical Nurse regulation


BCGEU is proud to represent Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) in our health care membership. LPNs join other nurses, health science professionals, care aides, community health workers, support service workers, and others who work in facilities, community health, and in government service who belong to the BCGEU. We are BC's third largest health care union. LPNs have a strong voice in our union, and are in positions of leadership in their locals and components.

We are proud to champion the role of LPNs in BC's health care system and have a track record of advocating for LPNs increased scope of practice.

Yet since 2009, the BC Nurses' Union has been raiding LPNs from our union and other health care unions, claiming that LPNs will be better off in their union.

Right now, we should be focusing on anticipated changes to the LPN profession. If implemented these changes would provide LPNs with more autonomy and open up new opportunities for professional growth.

Sadly, instead of focusing on growth, we're having to contend with another costly and divisive raid, which we believe undermines the relationship between LPNs and RNs, and threatens the independence of LPNs.

Read on to learn more about what BCGEU is doing for LPNs, and how you can stop the BCNU raid.

BCGEU LPNs respond to 
BCNU raid

(posted May 2012)

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BCGEU: A strong independent voice for LPNs


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Update on LPN and RN union representation

BCGEU has received a list from the Labour Relations Board (LRB) of worksites where nurses (LPNs and RNs) will vote on union representation – and others where a single union will represent nurses in the Nurses Bargaining Association (NBA) in the future. Read more »

LPNs in the BCGEU

Many of you have been asking, What's happening with Licensed Practical Nurses in the BCGEU?

BCGEU continues to proudly represent LPNs who work for:
- non-health authority employers covered by the Facilities Health sub-sector agreement;
- health authority and non-health authority employers covered by the Community Health sub-sector agreement; Read more »

B.C. Liberals health bill passes: an affront to workers’ rights

The B.C. Liberals have passed legislation that fundamentally changes the way workers in the health sector are represented.

The bill passed during the dying days of the legislative session and was introduced without consultation with workers and their unions, including the BCGEU. Read more »

BCGEU supports independence and full utilization for LPNs

BCGEU has submitted comments in response to the Ministry of Health's proposed changes to the regulation that governs the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) profession. Read more »

Human Rights Day 2012 Statement

Human Rights Day 2012

By; Lorene Oikawa
BCGEU Vice President and co-chair of the Equity + Human Rights Committee

Human Rights Day is an opportunity to celebrate achievements to ensure inclusivity for all – and we must speak up and take action not only on this day, December 10, but every day of the year. Read more »

Government review of Licensed Practical Nurse regulation

Right now, you have a chance to have input on what kind of activities you will be able to perform as an LPN.

The Ministry of Health has posted the proposed new Nurses (Licensed Practical) Regulation, and is inviting comments before the Regulation is finalized and becomes law. Read more »

BCGEU reviewing LRB decision on raid of LPN’s in the facilities subsector

The BCGEU is considering an appeal of Thursday’s LRB refusal to reconsider the raid of Licensed Practical Nurses already represented by the BCGEU and the HEU.

The LRB panel decision was not unanimous and the BCGEU believes there may be grounds for review. Read more »

LPNs – It’s time to vote

The B.C. Labour Relations Board finalized the details of a vote among LPNs to determine union representation.
LPNs will be asked if they want to retain their membership in BC Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU) -- or become members of the BCNU. Read more »

May 13 is LPN Day

Licensed Practical Nurses play a fundamental role in the delivery of quality health care in B.C. Read more »

Some BCGEU LPNs to vote on union representation

On May 9, the Labour Relations Board issued its long-awaited report on the BCNU applications to represent a portion of LPNs in BC. Read more »