To SFU parents/community: SFU Childcare Society Workers on Strike


Dear SFU Parent,
Dear SFU Community,
SFU Childcare Workers on Strike – Espuleta childcare centre closed Friday, Feb. 8
The B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU) represents 87 Early Childhood Educators at SFU childcare. We are writing today to let you know we have served 72 hour strike notice for the Espuleta childcare centre at SFU Childcare Society for Friday, February 8, 2013.
This means that the BCGEU members working at the Espuleta childcare centre will be on strike this Friday, and the center will be closed for one day only.
Parents with children in the Espuleta child care centre should make alternate child care arrangements for the day. 
All remaining SFU child care centers will be open and will operate as usual. 
We have not taken the decision to strike lightly, and are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause parents and caregivers. As with any strike action, our goal is to put pressure on the employer, and not to inconvenience parents any more than is strictly necessary. To this end, we continue to commit to providing at least three days’ notice for any job action taken, to give parents time to make alternate childcare arrangements.
Please support your SFU childcare workers at this difficult time. You trust these workers with your children and/or your colleagues’ kids. Today, we need you to trust their judgment. SFU childcare workers voted by an overwhelming majority – over 90% - in support of job action. They did this to support the leading childcare union in the province, the BCGEU, and to support their bargaining demands.
The strike is taking place because there are serious problems at the bargaining table. The employer has consistently failed to address workplaces issues that are important to SFU childcare workers. They also deserve a fair and reasonable deal that includes a pay increase that keeps pace with the increased cost of living.
Despite our best efforts, bargaining reached an impasse in early December, and the employer has not indicated that they are willing to resume bargaining.
Thank you for your understanding and for supporting SFU childcare workers.
Feel free to spread this message widely among the SFU community.
In solidarity,
Darryl WALKER 
BCGEU President