Time to invest in BC’s child protection system

The disturbing report “Who protected him?” released by the Representative for Children and Youth shows a failure in B.C.’s child protection system that requires a significant investment of resources by the government to rectify, says the B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union.

“B.C.’s child welfare system failed this child with special needs and that is unacceptable. Mistakes were made. We need to learn from them and implement the recommendations put forward in the report,” says Darryl Walker, president of the BCGEU.

“B.C. continues to do child protection on the cheap, sometimes with tragic consequences,” says Doug Kinna, chair of BCGEU’s Social, Information and Health component. He speaks on behalf of social workers and child protection staff in the Ministry of Children and Family Development. “The whole child protection system requires a major investment in resources, staffing, and training. This will help prevent recurring problems, such as inadequate placements, ill-equipped foster homes, and improper use of behaviour management techniques that are evidenced in the report.”

Following the report, the BCGEU is calling on the government to improve MCFD funding as part of its 2013 budget, to be presented on February 19.

Click here to read the report of the Representative for Children and Youth "Who Protected Him? How B.C.'s Child Welfare System Failed One of Its Most Vulnerable Children"