Update on five-year tentative agreement reached in Public Service

The Public Service Master Bargaining Committee reached a tentative agreement for the over 25,000 union members working in the public service across the province.

It is a five-year agreement effective April 1, 2014 until March 31, 2019.

"This tentative agreement maintains important employment security protections and provides stability for the next five years for the women and men who deliver important public services in our province,” says BCGEU president Darryl Walker.

“In an uncertain economic climate, we were able to make important gains for our Public Service members and the BCGEU bargaining committee is recommending acceptance of this agreement," says Walker.

Highlights of the tentative agreement include:

  • Wage increases which total 5.5 per cent over five years for all members; with an Economic Stability Dividend in four of the five years providing the possibility for further wage increases dependent on the performance of BC's economy
  • Improved health and welfare benefits including providing 80% reimbursement for all paramedical claims and doubling the lifetime maximum coverage to $500,000
  • Maintained and improved employment security provisions including an amended renewal of the commitment not to lay off regular employees, as well as the elimination of seniority blocks which is a significant benefit to employees with less than three years of seniority
  • Moving Temporary Market Adjustments into base pay so it will now be used to calculate STIIP, substitution and temporary assignment pay, among others
  • An improved job selection process that ensures seniority is considered for all job competitions
  • Additional market adjustments and reclassifications for members in several occupations
  • Inflationary adjustments to all allowances and expense reimbursements
  • Improvements to clothing allowances in components 1 and 20 that bring them in line with other components
  • Raising the level of Professional Fee reimbursement to 2013 levels
  • Improvements to the Anti-Bullying language and complaint procedures
  • Renewal of the Committee to expeditiously resolve issues related to STIIP denials

“We went into bargaining with the position that we would not accept a deal that reduced job security or failed to address some of the inequities in pay and benefits in the collective agreement. This tentative agreement delivers that," says Walker.

Further details, the full settlement agreement and information on the ratification process will be posted to the website soon.