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More questions than answers in today’s government liquor policy announcement

The BCGEU is raising questions and concerns following the government’s announcement today that they are moving forward with several proposed changes that will affect liquor sales in BC. Read more »

$51 million advanced education cut undermines BC’s Skills and Training Plan

The B.C. Liberal government’s massive funding cut to advanced education seriously undermines the credibility of their Skills and Training Plan, the B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU) said today. Read more »

Farmworkers Candlelight Vigil March 8, 2014

Join families, friends, co-workers and the farmworker community for a candlelight vigil on the seventh anniversary of the deaths in the farmworker van tragedy.

Date: Saturday, March 8, 2014.

Time: 1:30 pm

Location: 32315 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford. Read more »

BCGEU meets with Minister of Justice

Representatives of the BCGEU met  yesterday with Suzanne Anton, Attorney General and Minister of Justice in Victoria.  Read more »

BCGEU calls on Salvation Army to reinstate unfairly laid off workers

The BCGEU is calling on the Salvation Army National Recycling Operation to immediately reinstate 10 workers at its Victoria recycling centre. The members were laid off yesterday, without warning, and effective immediately.

Some of these members have worked at the Salvation Army for over 20 years. Read more »

BCGEU a proud supporter of Pink Shirt Day events

BCGEU activists from all over B.C. are participating in Pink Shirt (anti-bullying) Day events on Wednesday, February 26, 2014. Read more »

Balanced budget papers over chronic funding shortfalls across government

The provincial budget released today has been balanced at a high cost and offers little to British Columbians looking for economic growth, job creation and quality public services. Read more »

Frontline caring professionals to get 11.5% pay boost by 2019

Frontline caring professionals across B.C. will get a pay boost of 11.5% by 2019, the B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU) announced today.

The wage increases are included in the new collective agreement ratified by an 85.6% vote in favour by 11,000 community social service workers across B.C. today. Read more »

Corrections PTR (Part Time Regular) staff Update

At the last round of Component 1 Corrections & Sheriff Services bargaining, the bargaining committee was able to negotiate new language for Adult Custody part-time, regular staff. The Component Executive will be finalizing the changes to the letter of understanding. The new language in section 1 (b) (2) now states: Read more »

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