Equity & Young Worker Delegate Election Registration

The 2020 BCGEU Constitutional Convention will be taking place from Wednesday, June 10 through Saturday, June 13.  Convention is where BCGEU members decide who our next President, Treasurer and four Executive Vice-Presidents will be and what the mandate of our union will be over the next three years.

Convention delegates are chosen through different means. While the majority of delegates are elected through their locals, each component of our union has an allotment of delegates to represent young workers (aged 29 or younger at the time of convention) and equity groups. 

The BCGEU defines equity groups as:

• First Nations, Metis or Inuit persons

• Workers with a disability (this includes any hidden disability)

• workers of colour

• lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender persons

Are you a young worker or a member of an equity group? The BCGEU will be holding elections for these convention delegates and you’re invited to participate!