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Past Campaigns

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BCLDB Essential Pay for Essential Work (2020)

A collage of BC liquor store workers posing with masks on. A button reads: Essential Pay for Essential Work

During the early months of COVID-19, workers at the stores and warehouses of the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) were declared essential. These workers served the publicly safely, generating millions in record revenues. However, unlike other essential workers, BCLDB workers were excluded from the province’s Temporary Pandemic Pay program announced in May 2020. BCGEU Component 5 members launched a lengthy campaign in order to secure pandemic pay for the warehouse and retail store members. In 2022 these members finally won a retroactive wage top up, which was bargained for as an acknowledgement of the fact that they did not receive pandemic pay.

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Pandemic premium pay - stand up for workers (2020)

An image of a window with drawings posted in it. Text:"All front line workers deserve premium pay"

Essential frontline workers are put their health and safety on the line for us every day during this pandemic. We called them heroes, and hold them up as symbols of strength in this time of crisis. But we have not given them the recognition that they deserve when it matters the most. This letter campaign called on MPs and MLAs to expand the pandemic pay program to cover all essential front-line workers, and to immediately release the funds promised to those already deemed eligible.

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Public Inquiry Now (2019)

An image of opioids with text: BCGEU is calling for a public inquire now into organized crime, opioids and money laundering in B.C.

BCGEU led the call for a public inquiry now into organized crime, opioids, and money laundering in B.C. in January of 2019. By May 2019 there had been sufficient public pressure for the provincial government to call the inquiry.

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Thank a BC Worker (2018)

Two B.C. wildfire fighters wearing red are posing, smiling. A green band across the bottom reads: Success

In 2018 BCGEU successfully bargained new collective agreements covering roughly 53,000 employees in health, community social services and public services. The "Thank a BC Worker" campaign highlighted this diverse cross-section of workers that care for our families and support our communities, and calls for a reinvestment in the services that support British Columbians.

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Prison Safety Now (2017)

Image of a lone corrections officer surrounded by many inmates in red fatigues. Text reads: Prison violence puts us all at risk.

Overcrowding. Double-bunking. Gang Violence. Inmates with addictions and mental health problems. Assaults on Officers. Prison violence puts us all at risk.

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Can't Afford Childcare (2017)

Yellow background with text: There's a better solution to B.C.'s childcare crisis

BCGEU members have been organizing for universal childcare since the 1970's. By 2017 paying for childcare in BC was like having a second mortgage. The $10/day child care plan is a made-in-BC proposal for a quality, affordable, public system of early childhood care and learning. The B.C. government announced that they would start the process of creating a $10/day childcare program in 2018.

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Choose Children (2017)

Child's face with a case file sticker taped to her head. Text reads: She's not a case file. She's a child. It's time government gives back what it's taken from children at risk

Every day in British Columbia, vulnerable children, youth, and families are falling through the cracks of an under-resourced and over-stretched child welfare system. The campaign draws attention to the systemic failures in the province’s child welfare system by giving a voice to the workers on the frontlines of B.C.’s children, youth, and family services, including BCGEU members working the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation (MSDSI), the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), and community-based social service agencies.

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We Vote - BC Election (2017)

Graphic "We Vote" with checkmark. A green band below reads "success"

No matter who you vote for, your vote is an important expression of you as a citizen. It is critically important to our democracy that we have engaged citizens, and the best thing we can do is to set a good example by pledging to vote and proudly proclaiming that we are voters. Then, let your family, your friends, your neighbours know about the election and encourage them to get involved in the democratic process.

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