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PSPP changes illustrator now available for download - BCGEU

Following the announcement of changes to the Public Service Pension Plan on March 16, 2018, the BCGEU has urged the Pension Corporation to make an online pension calculator available, to allow members to compare their pensions under the old and new plans.

We are happy to report that the Public Service Pension Plan now has a Plan Changes Illustrator file available, which allows members to see how their pensions will change under the new plan rules.

  • Members may use the pension estimator behind the secure login for My Account

The web page includes instructions for accessing and processing your pension information and estimate your potential pension based on the retirement options you include in the Illustrator. The Illustrator file is to be used as an estimate only. All individual pensions are subject to final calculation at retirement by the Pension Corporation.

The Changes Illustrator is created as an interim measure, until the necessary work can be completed to fully integrate the Plan changes into members' individual online calculator.

For more information regarding your individual pension, please check the Public Service Pension Plan web site or contact the BCGEU pension plan department at: .