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A victory for students, teachers and public education in B.C.

On behalf of the 70,000 workers of the BCGEU, and as a parent myself, I want to congratulate the BC Teachers' Federation on their courage and determination in standing up for the children of this province. The BCTF was right to push back on the provincial government's attempts to decide by themselves what a classroom looks like. It's great news that the BCTF finally won the right to include class size and composition in their collective bargaining.

Teachers' working conditions are students' learning conditions, and by insisting that teachers have a say in class size and composition at the bargaining table, the BCTF has ensured the best outcomes for our kids. Teachers are in their classrooms every single day because they care, and they are best placed to know what's good for their students.

In their decision, the courts also reaffirmed the constitutional right of all Canadians to strike and have a fair collective bargaining process – things that impact all unionized workers across the country. This decision strengthens our rights to stand strong in solidarity with other workers.

Well done, BCTF!

- Stephanie Smith, BCGEU president