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Administrative Professionals’ Day 2019 Message - BCGEU

I'm a bit early, but I've got exciting news to share about this year's Administrative Professionals' Day, which happens next week on April 24.
Ever imagined what a day without administrative services professionals would look like in your workplace? That's the theme of a new campaign we're launching in the next few weeks. It's called A Day Without Admin, and its purpose is to draw the public's attention to your efforts, and highlight your value in workplaces around B.C.
We've been interviewing members who do all sorts of administrative work from all over the province. They've been sharing their stories. One member told us a day without administrative services would look like a "zombie apocalypse" in her workplace. Another said the province "would virtually come to a halt" without administrative professionals on the job.
We're creating videos to play on social media and YouTube. Plus, we've got swag to share when we visit worksites in the coming weeks. We've also built a website at and we're asking people to share their stories of what a day without administrative services would look like in their place of work. Please check it out. Don't worry, we're not planning any kind of walkout in connection with the campaign. Our employers would never survive it!
Our union represents more than 12,000 administrative services workers in a wide range of jobs with government ministries and independent employers, such as health care, education and community social services. The work we perform benefits colleagues, managers and the public. We're innovators, professionals, and problem-solvers. We have the answers when nobody else can help. We get the job done. Yet, administrative professionals are routinely overworked and underpaid. Our value to the workplace is often unrecognized. It's time for us to be recognized for the valuable and significant contributions we make every day.
In solidarity,
Maria Middlemiss
Vice-president, Administrative Services Component BCGEU