All Regular and Casual Beacon Community Health Workers - Article 15 – Hours of Work

It has come to the union's attention that there may be Community Health Worker's (CHW), both Regular and Casual, that are not receiving hours within their window of availability.                                                    

If you are a CHW and have noticed that your hours are declining, or that you are not getting the hours you used to get, please fill out and submit an Hours of Investigation form.

If you DO NOT hear back from the Employer within one (1) week, we encourage you to please reach out to one of the BCS Shop Stewards, a member of the Local Executive to file a grievance.

Beacon Community Services Shop Stewards


Andrew Alan                andrewallen85@hotmail.com

Jannie Garcia               hayniemende@yahoo.com                        

Sonja Maxwell            smaxxon@shaw.ca                       

Rob Sohal                      robby_sohal@telus.net

Trevor Spencer           trevor.spencer.tws@gmail.com    

Local Executive

Scott DeLong               scottdelong@ymail.com

David Fox                      dcrisfox@hotmail.com

Darlene Gallant           darlene_gallant@yahoo.com    

If you are having trouble connecting with any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact myself, Lynda Willson, at the Victoria Area Office at 250-388-9948 or via email at Lynda.Willson@bcgeu.ca.

In solidarity

Carla Dempsey, Local 801 Chairperson

Lynda Willson, BCGEU Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.