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All BCGEU Members at AIM Roads Inc (SA08 and 13) - BCGEU

In 2019 AIM Roads Inc took over the highways maintenance contracts in Service Area 8 and 13. Under their former management, AIM implemented benefits plans that the union asserted were neither consistent with the collective agreements, or with the levels of coverage that were offered under the benefit plans that were in place with the previous contractors. The union grieved this matter and it was set down for arbitration. 
The grievances have now been resolved. The employer has agreed to update its benefit plans so that they are consistent with both the collective agreements and with the benefit plans in place with JPW Road & Bridge in Service Area 13 and Argo Road Maintenance in Service Area 8.
Any out of pocket expenses that should have been covered under either your collective agreement or under the benefit plans of the previous contractors, but were not under AIM Roads' plan, may be submitted to the employer for reimbursement. As before, such reimbursements are subject to plan eligibility and benefits plan maximums.