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All BCGEU Members at LifeLabs - Bargaining Bulletin #3 – Negotiations Get Underway - BCGEU

On April 14th – 16th, your Bargaining Committee met with the employer for the first time to commence negotiations for a renewal agreement.  We tabled a hefty package, including proposals on almost every article and centred on all the input we've received from the surveys, your individual suggestions and local issues we've been dealing with since the last time we were at the table.
In our bargaining protocol, we agreed to table all the non-monetary proposals first and negotiate these items to agreement or impasse, before we table the monetary proposals.  At this time, we've made progress on a lot of necessary updating and housekeeping changes.  We look forward to discussing other substantive issues when we meet again on April 27th – 29th.  Stay tuned for the update, following our next session.
Make sure your Union has your current home email address by logging into the Member's Portal at and updating your information. Some of you have not been receiving all the information even though the Union's email server confirmed delivery to your work email address. Providing your home email address eliminates that problem and is a more secure and reliable way to make sure you receive all the communication from your Union at this important time.
In solidarity,

01   Mandy DeFields, Bargaining Committee Chairperson  
02    Kristie Carano, Bargaining Committee Member    
03    Maryam Baghalha, Bargaining Committee Member   
04    Rosario Viray, Bargaining Committee Member 
05, 09 & 11  Wendy Cummer, Bargaining Committee Member  
Linsay Buss, Staff Representative - Negotiations  

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