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All BCGEU Members at LifeLabs - Employer Walks Away in Mediation - BCGEU

In a disappointing move yesterday, in mediation, the Employer walked away from the bargaining table.  Your Bargaining Committee had just tabled another counter proposal in great effort to reach a settlement.  However, the Mediator returned a message from the Employer that they wouldn't accept it and furthermore: "they were done."

We reported earlier that we have successfully bargained some good improvements to the language.  However, the big items you've told us that need to be addressed still remain unresolved, such as the LTD premium problem, benefit improvements and wages.  The Employer will not address the parity issue.  They will not even offer a wage increase that covers the cost of living. 

We have not given up the fight for the retention bonus to be offered fairly to all classifications! The Employer has admitted they have staffing shortages everywhere. 

Our focus now turns to the negotiation of essential services.  We have six days scheduled with Labour Relations mediator, Christina Bains, on:  September 20, 21 & 22; 27, 28 & 29. In an effort to limit our impact on their business and their profits, the Employer applied to the Labour Relations Board to be deemed fully essential.   We will be arguing our right to withdraw services when and wherever possible.

Please note – we have not served 72 hours' strike notice at this time and we cannot until the Essential Services order is in place.

Communication with your Union is critical, especially during a potential labour dispute and job actions, including picket lines.  We need to be able to contact you!  Ensure you are receiving all the important news by updating your personal email address: HERE

See attached Job Action FAQHERE


In solidarity,

01   Mandy DeFields, Bargaining Committee Chairperson  
02    Kristie Carano, Bargaining Committee Member    
03    Maryam Baghalha, Bargaining Committee Member   
04    Rosario Viray, Bargaining Committee Member    
05, 09 & 11  Wendy Cummer, Bargaining Committee Member   

Linsay Buss, Staff Representative - Negotiations   

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