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All BCGEU NTT Data Members - Auxiliary Conversion - 1957.5 hours + continuous work - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

Are you an Auxiliary Employee who has reached 1957.5 hours? 

Under Article 30.1(a) of the Collective Agreement, the Employer must convert you to regular status if:

  1. You have worked 1957.5 hours AND
  2. You continue to be employed with continuous full-time or continuous part-time work,

What do I do if I reached 1957.5 and I believe my work is continuous? 
If you are an auxiliary worker who has reached 1957.5 hours AND believe your work is continuous (or are not sure), please reach out to an NTT steward or your staff rep for assistance in filing a grievance. 

The Employer's position has been that managers anticipate they may not have enough work to justify the work being continuous. This may or may not be the case, but if we file individual grievances for each of your situations, we can fully assess your individual circumstances.
Just because you reach 1957.5 hours does not necessarily mean you should be converted. It depends whether the work is continuous.
What about Timelines?
As this is a continuing issue, it would also be a continuing breach of Article 30.1 (a), therefore on any potential grievance please cite "[the date you reached 1957.5] – ongoing" as the date of violation.
If you have any questions about this, or something else going on at your worksite, please reach out to a steward, staff rep, or Joint Union Management Committee.
The Union has also filed a Policy grievance on whether the Employer is following the conversion language in Article 30.1 in general, but this will not necessarily address your individual situation so the best thing to do is file an individual grievance if you are an auxiliary employee, have reached 1957.5 and you believe your work is continuous.
 In Solidarity,
Jennifer Arnold – Local 603 Staff Representative

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