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All Component 10 BCGEU Members in Service Area 08 - BCGEU

Know Your Rights!

How Do Vacations Work?
The vacation year is from May 1 to April 30.
What is my Entitlement?
You are entitled to vacation starting the year you complete one year of work, according to the following:

  • 1-5 years = 15 days
  • 6 years = 16 days
  • 7 years = 17 days
  • 8 years = 21 days
  • 9 years = 22 days
  • 10 years = 23 days
  • 11 years = 24 days
  • 12-19 years = 25 days
  • 25+ years = 30 days

Seniority & Vacation
Vacation is determined by seniority. It's that simple. However, if you split up your vacation you have seniority only for the first unbroken period until all your co-workers choose their first unbroken period. For example, if I am entitled to 3 weeks vacation and choose to take it in separate weeks, then my seniority would only apply to the first choice. If everyone had received their first vacation time and one of my other weeks is still open, then seniority would again apply.
When  & How Does Vacation Get Scheduled?
Vacation schedule blocks will be posted by the Employer by February 28. You should be advised by management of the status of your vacation request 3 weeks prior to May 1. If you make your request 2 weeks after the February 28 date, you lose your seniority rights for any block already taken by a co-worker with less seniority. If you submit your request after February 28, then you should be advised at to its status 3 weeks after the request was made.
Vacation Carry-Over
You can carry-over 5 unused vacation days a year to a total of 10 days.
Auxiliary Vacation
Any auxiliary worker with less than 1,857 hours in a 15-month period will get vacation pay at a rate of 6% of regular earnings paid out on their paycheque.
Any auxiliary worker with more than 1,857 hours in a 15-month period is entitled to a vacation break subject to the same rules as a regular worker.
***The above is a general picture of vacation rights in your Collective Agreement. For exact details and limitations on the above see the Collective Agreement Article 18 and for auxiliary workers see Article 30.9***

Adrian Latremouille, Local 1007 Treasurer 
Matt Hubbard, Local 1007 Member-at-Large