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All Employment and Assistance Workers (EAW) - EAW Classification Appeal Update - BCGEU

The Union has been reviewing the Public Service Agency's (PSA) response rationale sent pursuant to Clause 28.3 (d) which confirmed the EAW as Community Program Officer (EAW) 15. This was recently shared and is also available for review on the component 6 website.

The Union needs feedback from EAWs in order to prepare a response to the PSA's rationale in terms of both factors to dispute and work examples overlooked or misinterpreted. Ideally, we will receive such feedback by March 8th as our response will be due March 26, 2021 and we prefer not to delay matters any further given the long delays to date. We believe that having a core group of EAWs who can represent everyone will be the best way to gather that feedback, and we ask those interested in working on the response to email [email protected] as soon as possible.

Note - contact information for those retiring or leaving the EAW job

Please keep the union up to date with your current contact information, particularly your personal email address which we will use to contact you should you leave the EAW position.

Frequently asked questions

As provided in earlier bulletins, here is a link for those interested in details of the job evaluation process and timelines, and to answer some of the questions and issues raised during our worksite visits.


In solidarity,


Judy Fox-McGuire - Component 6 Vice-President
Jennifer Jordan - Staff Representative, Negotiations

Download PDF of notice here