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All Local 1703 BCGEU Members at Canadian Diabetes Association and National Diabetes Trust - Nominations and Survey - BCGEU

I am the BCGEU Staff Representative who will be working with your bargaining committee on this round of bargaining. Your current collective agreement expires February 17, 2021, so negotiations between your Employer and the BCGEU will begin shortly.

We need your participation with the following:

- Electing a bargaining committee (up to 2)
- Completing a bargaining survey

We have attached a bargaining survey and bargaining committee nomination form here. Please do fill out the nomination form and the bargaining survey – this is how you tell the Union what your priorities are at the bargaining table, and who you want at that table. Should the Union receive more than 3 nominees, an election will be held.

As such, please forward your completed bargaining survey and nomination form by 5:00pm on Thursday, February 25, 2021.

Via Mail: Suite #130 - 2920 Virtual Way, Vancouver, BC V5M 0C4
Attention: Hilary Andow

Via Email: [email protected] (Attention: Hilary Andow)

Via Fax: 604-215-1410 (Attention: Hilary Andow)


In solidarity


Hilary Andow

Staff Representative

Download bargaining survey here
Download nomination form here
Download PDF of notice here