Auburn Residences ratification of collective agreement

Your Bargaining Committee is very pleased to announce that your first collective agreement was ratified March 1, 2016. The agreement was approved with a 75% vote in favour.

Your Bargaining Committee would like to thank everyone who participated in the ratification vote, and all members for their support throughout this first round of collective bargaining.   

In solidarity

Nicole Prosser, Bargaining Committee Chair
Melody Eckstein, Bargaining Committee Member
Barbara Crowley, Staff Representative, Negotiations
Laura O’Neill, Staff Representative, Negotiations

cc:      Sherry Ogasawara, Vice President, Health Services 
          Salli Rye, Second Representative, Component 4
          Binny Sivia, Chair, Local 404 
          Emet Davis, Director, Research, Campaigns & Communications
          Frank Anderson, Regional Coordinator
          Brent Camilleri, Coordinator, Negotiations  
          Carol Wood, Staff Representative
          Kevin Hagglund, Staff Representative 

Download PDF of notice here.