Auxiliary Conversions at Burnaby Youth Custody Centre - BCGEU

Several staff at BYCC have recently asked the Union about Auxiliary Conversions, and we wanted to clarify and provide the relevant articles of the Collective Agreement.

Auxiliaries are converted to regular status after working 1827 hours in 33 pay periods in work that is continuous full-time or part-time in nature. This is laid out clearly in Article 31.1 part (b).

Article 31.1 Auxiliary Employees

  • (b) Auxiliary employees who have worked 1827 hours in 33 pay periods and who are employed for work which is of a continuous full-time or continuous part-time nature, shall be converted to regular status effective the beginning of the month following the month in which they attain the required hours.

Further criteria for which hours count towards the 1827 referenced are laid out in the collective agreement in part (c).

If you are an auxiliary employee who meets this criteria but has not be been converted, please contact the Union and we can discuss filing a grievance. This an important article in your collective agreement which needs to be enforced.

In solidarity

Sean Antrim
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.