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B.C. provincial budget released – read our union’s analysis - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

B.C. provincial budget released – read our union's analysis
Each year the B.C. government releases a budget that outlines their priorities for the coming years.
These budgets have significant impacts on BCGEU members, both at work and as residents of our province.
Our union pays careful attention to government's priorities and has prepared an in-depth analysis of the key points for BCGEU members.
While there are no new major initiatives, Budget 2023 continues to strengthen services with a goal of improving the lives of residents of B.C.
Budget 2023 focuses many of its largest investments in issues that our union considers crucial to the long-term future of BCGEU members and the health of the province as a whole:

  • health and mental-health care
  • affordable housing
  • climate action and clean growth
  • public safety
  • targeted supports for cost of living

All of these are among our union's top priorities, and the BCGEU welcomes these actions and applauds government on putting people first.
Many of our union's other priorities are addressed in Budget 2023, and we will continue to advocate and push for those that were not, including:

  • New investment in seniors' care
  • Steps to remove private, for-profit providers from B.C. seniors' care
  • Measures to improve tax fairness and to reduce extreme economic inequality
  • Actions to address recruitment and retention of early childhood educators
  • More expansive, direct investments in publicly owned and operated affordable housing stock

This new budget is responsible, thoughtful and remains committed to protecting and expanding crucial public services. Our union looks forward to working with government to implement these programs with a people-centric approach and pushing them to take additional action on our additional priorities.
Click here to read our union's full analysis of Budget 2023.