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Bargaining and LDB Article 29 - BCGEU

Component Bargaining is set for this week, April 30 – May 4, 2018. Your Bargaining Committee will be working hard this week to negotiate better terms for your Component Agreement. Following Component bargaining, your Component VP, Kusam Doal, will be sitting with the Public Service Master Bargaining Committee to negotiate improvements to the Public Service Master Agreement. Bargaining is scheduled to start May 7, 2018.

Your Component Bargaining Committee includes:

Kusam Doal (Component VP)
Alternate: Jennifer Newman (Local 502)
Margie Edmondson (Local 507)
Keith Stone (Local 503)
Joshua Lasta (Local 505)
Ana Treijs (Local 509)

Your Public Service Bargaining Committee includes:

Stephanie Smith, President
Doug Dykens, Director
Kari Michaels, Executive vice president
Chris Bradshaw, Communications officer
Mike Eso, Secretary
Dean Purdy, C1 VP
Lisa Lane, Support staff
Kusam Doal, C5 VP
Judy Fox-McGuire, C6 VP
Maria Middlemiss, C12 VP
Matt Damario, C12 First vice chairperson
George Buis, C20 VP

Article 29 LDB Committee includes:

Kusam Doal, C5 VP
Matt Robinson (Local 501)
Paul Brown (Local 503)
Debra Yearly (C12)
Sheila Puga, Director