Bargaining Committee Election for Business Practices & Consumer Protection Authority (BPCPA) - BCGEU

As you know, your current collective agreement expires on December 31, 2017. Nominations are now open for a Bargaining Committee Chair and Bargaining Committee members. No previous experience in negotiations is required to be on the Bargaining Committee, but you must have a signed membership application card on file with the Union in order to run or vote in an election. Leave of absence is provided to members to allow attendance at all meetings without loss of pay or benefits.

Your Bargaining Committee has three positions, as follows:

  • One Bargaining Committee Chair
  • Two Bargaining Committee Members

Only one completed nomination form for each position is required. However, if you are not the successful candidate for committee chair, there is no rundown for bargaining committee. If you are interested in being the Bargaining Committee Chair, and on being on the bargaining committee in any case, then you are encouraged to submit two nominations: one for the Bargaining Chair and one for the Bargaining Committee.

If more than three people are nominated to the Bargaining Committee, elections will be conducted to determine who will be appointed to each position.

Nomination forms are attached.

Please complete the attached nomination form and return it by fax to:

Attention: Earl Moloney at 250-384-8060

The deadline for receipt of nominations is 5:00 p.m. November 3, 2017

A bargaining survey will be sent out after the committee has been elected.

In solidarity


Earl Moloney

Staff Representative


Download as pdf

Download PDF of Bargaining Committee Chair nomination form here

Download PDF of Bargaining Committee member nomination form here