Bargaining Committee Election for Waterbridge Ferries Inc. - BCGEU

As a result of the recent call for nominations for the Bargaining Committee, an election is required for the three (3) committee positions plus one (1) *alternate:

Jesse Cole, Janet Fowlie & James Dunne – nominated for Deck Crew 
Jackie Lebans, Brian Mackie & Dale Gagne – nominated for Cable Ferries
Robert Faucett & Nick Stefura – nominated for Engine Crew 

You are entitled to 1 (one) vote per ballot (deck, cable & engine) but you are not required to mark all ballots.

*After ALL the ballots are tallied, the nominee in the fourth position will be the alternate.

  •  Enclosed are 3 ballots, a brown coin, a white declaration and a postage paid envelope. 
  • Please mark the ballots then place the ballots in the brown coin envelope and seal.
  • Complete the white declaration envelope (print name, address and sign) and then place both envelopes in the postage paid envelope.
  • All ballots are to be mailed to the BCGEU using the return envelope enclosed.


    1. Ballots must be received by the West Kootenay Area Office no later than 4:30 pm on Friday, February 22, 2019.

Call (250) 365-9979 or 1-800-667-1061 with any questions.

Download PDF of notice here.
Download PDF of James Dunne bio here.