Bargaining Committee Nominations for SFU Childcare Society - BCGEU

The Union is now preparing for the upcoming round of collective bargaining. Your current collective agreement with SFU Childcare Society expires on March 31, 2019. 

The Union needs your help and participation. The first step is to elect a bargaining committee to negotiate the new collective agreement with your Employer. You will be electing three bargaining committee members, with a maximum of one member from any one program. 

Attached to this notice is a nomination form for the bargaining committee member positions. Should there be more nominations than positions available, the Union will conduct an election.

Nominations for the bargaining committee positions must be received in the BCGEU Lower Mainland Area Office by 5:00 pm on December 21, 2018by fax at 604-215-1410 or by email at

The bargaining committee will work with the BCGEU Staff Representative in negotiating the new collective agreement. The Union will provide training to the bargaining committee members. 

In solidarity,
Sean Antrim
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.
Download PDF of nomination form here.