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Bargaining for BCGEU members who work in health facilities continues - BCGEU

Negotiations have resumed for the sixth week for BCGEU members under the health facilities collective agreement. The agreement covers 44,000 health care workers in B.C.

Our union is one of ten who make up the Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA). The lead union at the table is the Hospital Employees Union (HEU).

An extensive list of proposals has already been tabled. The list includes occupational health and safety, and workload.

"The working environment is characterized by extreme workloads, pressure-cooker working conditions and chronic stress – all of which contribute to making health care one of the most dangerous occupations in the province," said chief negotiator Jennifer Whiteside.

The parties are scheduled to meet until the end of this week. Then, they'll take a two week break to allow for the HEU's biennial convention.

We want to keep you posted on progress. To make sure you receive bargaining information in a timely fashion, make sure you register with the BCGEU member portal. ( Share this with a co-worker who hasn't registered yet.

The BCGEU bargaining committee of the Facilities Bargaining Association is:

Christine Fuller, BCGEU committee chairperson, Northern Health Authority
Deborah Wagner, Interior Health Authority
Richard Ziemianski, Vancouver Island Health Authority
Joel Blanco, Vancouver Island Health Authority
Mahen Ramdharry, Provincial Health Services Authority
Holly Derco, Provincial Health Services Authority
Gary Bennett, BCGEU staff negotiator