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Bargaining for Retirement Concepts (Well Being Services Ltd.) - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

Your bargaining committee met with the Employer on May 24th and 25th to continue discussions on non-monetary items. We are working on achieving common language which will apply to all nine collective agreements and have reached agreement on nearly half of the proposals tabled to date. The Union's monetary package will not be tabled until we have completed all non-monetary discussions.

We have additional dates scheduled June 13th & 14th, June 27th and 28th and August 8th and 9th at which time we will continue to work on all outstanding non-monetary issues.

It is critical that we have your email address so we can keep you informed throughout the bargaining process.

If you or a co-worker did not receive this bulletin directly from the BCGEU, it probably means we do not have a current personal email address on file. Please ensure that your contact information and email address is up to date. To ensure you receive a copy of future updates, please provide a personal email address to the BCGEU at If we already have an email address on file for you and you wish to edit or update any of your existing contact information, you can use the same form.

In solidarity,

Bill Clayton, Bargaining Committee Co-Chair
Jo-Ann Medel, Bargaining Committee Co-Chair
Christine Cybulski, Bargaining Committee
Manny Carganilla, Bargaining Committee
Almira Galvez, Bargaining Committee
Supinder Singh Sethi, Bargaining Committee
Avtar Bharaj, Bargaining Committee
Jessie Jagpal, Bargaining Committee
Raymond Matte, Bargaining Committee
Lorne Cragg, Bargaining Committee
Taryn Marble, Bargaining Committee
Tom Palmer, Bargaining Committee
Jas Randhawa, Bargaining Committee
Jenny Joly, Bargaining Committee
Erlinda Bailio, Bargaining Committee
Jessie Bains, Bargaining Committee
Karen Larsen, Bargaining Committee

Deb Wilson
Staff Representative, Negotiations

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