Bargaining Update for Xyolhemeylh - BCGEU

Your Union Bargaining Committee met with the Employer last Thursday to continue bargaining. A number of proposals were agreed and signed off. 

Although the Union's issue of seeking more bargaining dates and the Employer's issue of seeking the Union's monetary proposal remain unresolved, the parties were able to have productive discussions on a number of proposals. Your Union Bargaining Committee hopes to continue that process when we reconvene this week. 

Moving to two bargaining days a week would more than double the current rate of progress as there are efficiencies gained through not having to pick up an agenda that's a week old. Although the Employer continues to assert that having the Union's monetary proposals now would accelerate progress, the Employer hasn't provided any evidence to back this claim aside from the Employer's preference. The Employer has argued that it will accelerate bargaining but through what mechanism is unclear – it doesn't change the volume of work the parties must eventually do to conclude an agreement.

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In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee, 

Deb Young, Chair; Dena Silver, Sandra Postnikoff, Brent Camilleri

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