BC Budget 2016: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The B.C. Liberal Government has delivered yet another of its “balanced” budgets, dressed in sleight-of-hand fiscal manoeuvering, ambiguous language, and cavalier comparisons to other provinces and jurisdictions.

Sadly, and once again, the fiscal planning of our elected government puts in second place the essential public goods and services British Columbians require to lead prosperous, inclusive and dignified lives. Instead, it treats vital social programs and services as a privilege, rather than a right of citizens and families—and most offensively, not a primary responsibility, but secondary duty of government.

Budget 2016/17 is steadfast and resilient in its commitment to investing little in programs and services that benefit working families and individuals, and is balanced only insofar as when something is given with one hand, it is quickly taken away with the other.