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BC Housing Management Commission - Bargaining Update #2 - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

The bargaining dates set for Nov 18 - 23 have not or will not occur unless something changes.
The Union filed a complaint with the Labour Relations Board ("the Board") on November 4 charging that the Employer is failing to bargain in good faith by 1) refusing to respond to a bargaining information request for the Maintenance / Service Division and 2) refusing to meet with the full Union bargaining team which consists of both elected bargaining committees.
The Board is adjudicating the dispute based on written submissions, the last of which is due on November 29. After that we wait for a decision from the Board.
Until we have a decision from the Board, we don't expect bargaining will proceed although we remain ready, willing and eager to do so. The Employer has consistently refused to attend when the Union brings its full bargaining team into the room.
There are additional dates scheduled through January, February and March of 2023. Those too will rely on the decision by the Board, which we hope will be made quickly but have no way of knowing.
In solidarity,
Your Bargaining Committees
Geoff Stedman, Chairperson, Admin; Ludwig Steegmaier, Chairperson, Maintenance
Lisa Julien, Member, Admin; Mike Kim, Member, Admin
Geoff Harder, Member, Maintenance; Jeevn Atwal, Member, Maintenance
Brent Camilleri, Staff Representative

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