BC Safety Authority - Employer Email – No Retro?

As you're aware the employer sent an email at 2:30pm yesterday in "the interest of transparency". Our emails have been lighting up all afternoon from many of you to confirm that the employer is, indeed, offering no retroactivity for the first wage increase. It's true – they are offering no retro pay at all.

The absence of retro pay is the employer's position and not ours. As your elected representatives we didn't believe you would support the employer's proposal to date and the feedback we received this afternoon has confirmed that.

Our negotiator is currently away for a couple of weeks and its hard for us not to view the timing of the Employer's sudden need for transparency to be a brazen attempt to circumvent the committee that you elected to represent your interests at the bargaining table and bargain with you directly.

We look forward to scheduling additional dates when our negotiator returns at the end of the month.

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee:

Jackie Pierre, Bargaining Committee Chair

Lorraine Robinson, Bargaining Committee Member

Ann McLean, Bargaining Committee Member

Gary Bennett, Staff Representative - Negotiations


cc:    Rob Davis, Vice President, Component 20


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