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BCGEU makes budget submission to Finance Committee

BCGEU president Stephanie Smith made a presentation to the B.C. Select Standing Committee on Finance and Governnment Services today, outlining the union’s priorities for the upcoming provincial budget.

Smith noted that it’s time to chart a different course in British Columbia and urged the government to take steps to accomplish three main objectives – quality jobs for all British Columbians; reliable, effective social supports for families and communities; and effective protection for our environment and natural resources.

To achieve those goals, Smith recommended a series of initiatives, including: implementing a comprehensive poverty reduction plan; making critical investments in BC’s justice system; Commiting resources for climate action and natural resource management; and restoring funding for post-secondary education, among others.

“The BCGEU continues to challenge the B.C. government to implement meaningful revenue improvements in key areas of the economy, to reduce poverty, improve public safety and expand responsible environmental stewardship in our province,” said Smith.