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BCGEU president’s statement re: Fort McMurray wildfire & $50k donation

NEW: The BCGEU has made a $50,000 donation to the Canadian Red Cross towards relief efforts.

Like you, I’ve been watching the images and video footage from wildfire-ravaged Fort McMurray, Alberta. It’s heartbreaking to see. The lives of those affected have been changed forever.

We know some of our BCGEU members have loved ones and friends who’ve been impacted by the evacuation of a staggering 80,000 area residents. Our thoughts are with you. We hope everyone stays safe.

The BCGEU represents forest firefighters in B.C. who’ve been busy fighting fires recently in the northeast. It’s risky, dangerous work. It takes people away from loved ones for long periods. We understand the sacrifice firefighters everywhere make to bring fires under control and we thank you.

Today, as I watch rain fall outside my office window at BCGEU HQ, I wish for a return to cooler and wetter weather conditions in Fort McMurray. Let’s hope this tragic situation turns around soon.


--Stephanie Smith, BCGEU president