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BCGEU Signs on to Petition to Free Chinese Labour Activists

On Thursday, January 28, the BCGEU signed on to a petition calling for the release of Chinese labour activists who were detained by the government.

Advanced by the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, the petition has now been signed by over 175 organizations.

Petition Text
At least four labour activists remain in criminal detention following a recent crackdown on labour organisations. From 3 - 5 December, labour NGOs based in Guangdong province were targeted in a harsh and unexpected wave of detentions. At least four labour NGOs have been targeted and 25 NGO staff and volunteers have been detained and questioned by police, seven of whom either remain in detention or cannot be contacted. These include Panyu Workers’ Centre director Zeng Feiyang and staff member Zhu Xiaomei; Foshan Nanfeiyan Social Work Services Organization director He Xiaobo; labour activists Peng Jiayong, Deng Xiaoming, Meng Han, and Tang Jian. Four individuals - Zeng Feiyang, He Xiaobo, Zhu Xiaomei and Deng Xiaoming - are confirmed as being in detention.

The Chinese government purports to advance the “rule of law” within its borders and promotes the idea of a civilized and peaceful rise internationally. However, local governments abuse their power, using violence and arrests to repress and intimidate labour organizations, preventing Chinese workers from pursuing fundamental labour rights, including freedom of association and the right to strike and collective bargaining.

As organisations and individuals working labour rights, we call on the Chinese government to:
  1. Immediately release all the aforementioned detained labour activists
  2. Stop suppressing labour activists, labour organisations and civil society organisations.
  3. Respect and protect the development and freedom of civil society as prescribed by China’s Constitution.
Initiated by
Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions
Globalization Monitor