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BCGEU unionizes advocacy group Leadnow

Leadnow employees have organized to join the BCGEU.

The organization works to promote democracy and social justice in Canada. It describes itself as: ‘an independent advocacy organization that runs campaigns on the major issues of our time, engages people in participatory decision-making, and organizes in communities across Canada.’

“We’re delighted to welcome Leadnow into the BCGEU family. These employees came together to protect their rights through collective bargaining and to achieve greater job security,” said BCGEU president Stephanie Smith. “We have worked with Leadnow on several campaigns. Their work is of the highest caliber.”

“Unionization will help us walk the talk by making sure the core values of social justice and promoting democracy are reflected in our organizational structure. We're ensuring Leadnow continues to be a great place to work as it evolves into a mature organization,” said Jolan Bailey, a Leadnow organizer.

The BCGEU represents more than 67,000 members in B.C. in a variety of sectors. The BCGEU organized more than 1,200 new members in 2015 and over 100 to date so far in 2016.