BCGEU and BC Government exchange bargaining proposals - BCGEU



The first week of public service bargaining wrapped up in Victoria after the BCGEU exchanged bargaining packages with the employer. Component agreement bargaining took place from April 23 – 27. Component agreements cover occupational terms and conditions. Issues unresolved at component bargaining tables were tabled at the main public service table, by agreement with the employer. 

BCGEU bargaining proposals were developed following extensive consultation with members through proposals submitted by union locals, online surveys and a bargaining conference in November of last year. The proposals were reviewed by the union's Public Service Bargaining Committee and prioritized for inclusion in the bargaining package.

Our proposals cover a range of issues around compensation-particularly with respect to recruitment, retention, and market comparison; they also address the need for new language around issues like workload, bullying and harassment protections and auxiliary conversion among others; and we will be pushing for legislative and regulatory changes outside the scope of the collective agreement that would improve how public services are delivered. 

"After four years, we're seeing a pent-up demand to address a number of outstanding issues," said BCGEU president Stephanie Smith. "We have tabled a robust package of proposals that reflect our members' priorities."

 Negotiations are scheduled to resume next week in Vancouver as the union and employer continue detailed discussions of specific proposals.



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