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BCGEU calls for delay of telework requirement, reinstatement of masks in public-facing workspaces - BCGEU

In today's COVID update, the B.C. government announced that the province would not be moving to Step 4 of the provincial restart plan as anticipated on September 7, 2021.
September 7 had been set as the date that members continuing to work from home would be required to have an "approved telework agreement", as per a July 20 communication from the BC Public Service:

"those who wish to continue working from home will need to have an approved telework agreement in place by September 7, 2021 using the corporate template provided by the BC Public Service Agency. This aligns with the anticipated date for the transition to Step 4 of the provincial Restart Plan, and it provides ample time for you to work through establishing or updating telework agreements with your supervisor…"

It is our union's opinion that a telework agreement should not be required unless the province has moved to Step 4 – which includes "workplaces fully reopened".
Accordingly, the BCGEU has written to the Head of the BC Public Service calling to delay that requirement and calling for a reinstatement for a mask mandate in all public areas of public service worksites (including the BC Liquor Distribution Branch) – as BCGEU members are required to provide essential services to all people regardless of their vaccination status.
Click here to read a copy of our letter.
We will continue to keep BCGEU members updated on the status of our request. If you have any questions, please contact your union shop steward.
In solidarity,
Your BCGEU Public Service Bargaining Committee
Stephanie Smith, President
Paul Finch, Treasurer
Kari Michaels, Executive Vice President
Dean Purdy, Vice President - Component 1
Kusam Doal, Vice President - Component 5
Judy Fox-McGuire, Vice President - Component 6
Cynthia Mepham-Egli, Component 6 Second Vice-Chairperson
Maria Middlemiss, Vice President - Component 12
Matt Damario, Component 12 First Vice-Chairperson
Robert Davis, Vice President - Component 20
Doug Dykens, Director - Field Services & Negotiations
Mike Eso, Secretary
Lisa Lane, Support Staff