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BCGEU community social services members set priorities at bargaining conference - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

BCGEU community social services members from across the province gathered in Burnaby last week to identify bargaining priorities and elect a bargaining committee for the upcoming round of negotiations.
BCGEU President Stephanie welcomed delegates with opening remarks, “The pandemic showed us that our old normal was broken and we can’t go back. We collectively know what needs to be done to fix the problems in our society and in our sector,” said Smith. “During the pandemic, you’ve been acknowledged, you’ve been thanked, you’ve been deemed essential. But what you need is to get the recognition where it counts: a fair contract and benefits that allow you to take care of yourself and your families.”
Treasurer Paul Finch virtually greeted delegates, providing a budget update and recognizing the extraordinary work of community social services workers. “Our people are burnt out; we see that across the board. We want to make sure you are supported,” said Finch.
Component 3 Vice President Andrea Duncan presented an overview of the bargaining committee, the election process, and kicked off a long session for delegates to discuss bargaining priorities. “You are the experts about what is happening on the ground in your worksites,” said Duncan.
Lead negotiator Selena Kongpreecha summarized the structure of the Community Social Services Bargaining Association (CSSBA) and the key timeline events throughout the bargaining process.
Next steps
Your newly elected bargaining committee will be preparing for bargaining which we anticipate will happen in early 2022. We will continue to keep members updated throughout the bargaining process.
See photos of the bargaining conference here.
Congratulations to the newly elected Community Social Services Bargaining Committee! We would like to extend sincere thanks to everyone who put their name forward to be part of the conference.

BCGEU Community Social Services Bargaining Committee members:
Andrea Duncan (Component 3 Vice President and Community Social Services Bargaining Committee Chair)
Selena Kongpreecha (Lead negotiator, Community Social Services Bargaining Committee)
Alexandra Vucko
Al McMurray
Andrea Duncan
Angela Reed
April Duffield
Brian Calderwood
Jessica Daigneault
John Manthorpe
Kari Bepple (Co-chair, General Services)
Katelynn Banky
Kim Rilka
Laurel Nielsen
Linda Rowley
Lois Higgins
Melissa Linn
Nikki Hay
Pamela Pye (Co-chair, Community Living Services)
Patricia Phillips (Co-chair, Indigenous Services)
Rene Francis
Sharon Hollingsworth
Shelley Gladstone
Tammy Lewis
Valentina Mahecha
Wynn Hartfelder