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BCGEU members at MCFD: concerns about public areas

We continue to receive information that public areas of some essential service workplaces still lack proper protection for workers.

BCGEU members have reported concerns about possible exposure to COVID-19 in front offices and lobbies. If this is the case in your workplace, please report it to MCFD at this email address: [email protected]. This is the centralized email address the ministry has developed to allow employees to forward whatever health and safety concerns they may have for management's consideration.
Where there are concerns about public areas, the most important thing you can do right now is report this directly to the employer using the email address above. We also want to be aware of these issues, however, so please copy us on your message using the address: [email protected].

Your union continues to work directly with the ministry on COVID matters as they develop.

Maria Middlemiss, BCGEU VP component 12
Judy Fox-McGuire, BCGEU VP component 6