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BCGEU members at Sun Village - Update on Bargaining - BCGEU

On March 2-5, the Union met with your Employer, Compass Canada, to bargain your collective agreement renewal. The week before we opened bargaining, your bargaining committee members had to step down. Before they did, they gave valuable input into your priorities and working conditions that informed the proposals for your new collective agreement, and we're thankful for their hard work. In order to avoid further delays in bargaining, the Chair of your BCGEU Local 407, Deb Wagner, stepped in to represent your interests with the Employer.
We had four successful days bargaining and were able to get through almost all of the non-monetary priorities, including improvements to the scheduling of statutory holiday language, health and safety, and updating your collective agreement to the Employment Standards Act.
We will be meeting your Employer again on March 22 to continue bargaining for your monetary priorities, like improvements to wages, benefits, and paid time off.
If you know a BCGEU member who didn't receive this email directly, please feel free to forward it to them. If you didn't receive this message directly, log in to the Members' Portal here to update your current contact information and stay informed on bargaining!
In solidarity,
Deb Wagner, Chairperson, Local 407
Sheila Matthen, Staff Representative – Negotiations

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